The test phase of new type Melting Strip Fuse has completed succesfully and the product will be available for the vehicle, air-conditioning, heating and kitchen industries.Physical dimensions are the same as the Midi type of auto fuse, and rated voltage up to 32 VDC, current rating from 30 Amperes up to 200 Amperes capacity, with the ring type lugs can be used standard-sized fuse boxes that is available in the market. These fuses have the same protection values of Midi Type fuses and they will bring a significant cost advantage to producers.


The “Main Circuit Protection and Distribution Box,” developed for Automotive Electrical and Electronics Industries has been approved by the Turkish Patent Institute.

The “Main Circuit Protection and Distribution Box” which was designed and manufactured by Ciftel is giving an opportunity to distribution and protection of harness from the battery output.

This new fuse holder is already being used by foreign automotive industry manufacturers with 1 piece Mega Fuse holder with voltage 32 VDC up to 500 Amperes rating and 4 pieces Midi Fuse holders, especially giving an opportunity for protection from the battery output and that is why user welcomed it.

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